Vol 1, No 1 (2019)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.20535/tacs.2664-29132019.1

Table of Contents

Theoretical and cryptographic problems of cybersecurity

Parameters of the Fastest Cryptographically Strong Twisted Edwards Curves PDF
Anatoly Bessalov, Vladyslav Dykyi, Anton Malyshko, Oksana Tsygankova, Dariya Yadukha
Number of Confirmation Blocks for Bitcoin and GHOST Consensus Protocols on Networks PDF
Ludmila Kovalchuk, Dmytro Kaidalov, Andrii Nastenko, Oleksii Shevtsov, Mariya Rodinko, Roman Oliynykov
On desynchronised multivariate algorithms of El Gamal type for stable semigroups of affine Cremona group PDF
Vasyl Ustimenko
The necessary security requirements for the values used by the AJPS cryptosystem PDF
Andrii Fesenko, Dariya Yadukha
Asymptotic Distributions for S-Box Heterogeneous Differential Probabilities PDF
Serhii Yakovliev, Vsevolod Bakhtigozin

Mathematical methods, models and technologies for secure cyberspace functioning research

Mathematical models of information concealment cases spreading dynamics in social media PDF
Yulia Nakonechna

Algorithms and methods of cyber attacks prevention and counteraction

Fuzzy ontology structure for information leaks and ISC PDF
Oleh Kozlenko

Intelligent Data analysis methods in cybersecurity

National Security Assessment Method Based on Fuzzy Sets Theory PDF
Anatoly Kachynskyi

Software code vulnerabilities investigation and secure applications development

Extended Vulnerability Feature Extraction Based on Public Resources PDF
Yulia Tatarinova, Olga Sinelnikova
Deep learning based automatic software defects detection framework PDF
Artem Chrenousov, Artem Savchenko, Serhii Osadchyi, Yevhen Kubiuk, Yevhen Kostenko, Dmytro Likhomanov

Social engineering and methods of counteracting destructive effects on consciousness in cyberspace

Malicious Information Source Detection in Social Networks PDF
Vadym Melnyk, Iryna Styopochkina
«Reactional» information operations in cyberspace PDF
Volodymyr Mishyn

Cybersecurity state compliances

Methodical and Applied Aspects of Creation and Application of Cyber Ranges PDF
Yuriy Danyk
Comparative Analysis of the Cybersecurity Indices and Their Applications PDF
Valentyna Kravets
OSINT as a part of cyber defense system PDF
Dmytro Lande, Ellina Shnurko-Tabakova